The adventures of Phil and Mike

Phil and I have lunch out in town once a week or so. We decided that talking about good lunches we have experienced was almost as enjoyable as the lunches themselves.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

You skanky whore, get away from my husband

That is not a phraise I wanted 18 sleeping Boy Scouts to hear. Especially at 4 AM in an Oregon campground. But that is the exact phraise which woke me up. Along with six outta the other seven Scouters with me (Scouters are adult leaders in a Boy Scout Troop). Scout Master Ed who sleeps with ear plugs in, (he can't handle the noise of the seven Scouters snoring) even woke to that phraise. Apparently Mr Dirtbag was camping out with Ms Sleaze, when Mrs Dirtbag dropped in for a morning visit. Thankfully Ms Sleaze made a quick departure before shot-gun pellets started flying. Lots of great comedy was uttered that morning...

My personal favorite was Scouter Dennis' "What I want to know, is who is minding the still".

Another good one, was Mrs Dirtbags response to a Shaddup from another camper"Can't you see we are having a marital crisis here?" Lady, that is not a marital crisis, that is the parting shot.

Another Scouter "Well, the boys just might learn what happens in a bad marriage".

Howling, Screeching, and banging of car doors, and the motor home door continued until a phone call brought, "Oregon's Finest". An anxious peace followed until the Rangers evicted Mr and Mrs Dirtbag, along with their sizable bottle collection.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The long sandwich

Yes this is a funny name for a sandwich shop. I visited this shop with my friend Helen. The sandwiches are well not real fancy. This is more of a Asian style drink shop. I had a lemon yogurt thing with tapioca blobs. I'm fond of tapioca pudding, and had no idea what "Yes please" to the tapioca question really meant. Well I found out that tapioca meant a bunch of chocolate colored half inch tapioca blobs, and a half inch diamater straw to accomodate the blobs. I don't know if I'll order the tapioca blobs in the future, but the drink was good.

The lunch was the beginning of a company sponsored "team building event" to the local water park. Helen and I rode about three big slides in the two hours we were inside the park. After I had guided her under the flow from a 12 inch water pipe the second time, she decided I was not to be trusted.

Tomorrow me'n the missus, and kids are invited to a "white trash BBQ". Which I'm told means that a front yard BBQ is a white trash thing. At our house, all BBQ is in the front yard, seeing as the back yard is too steep. We are in a very remote area, and are set back 200 feet from the road. So where one sets up the BBQ may matter in an area where houses are 20 feet from the sidewalk. I suppose that if there are deer on the front lawn, a front yard BBQ probably still means you are WT.

Mike -n- Mike back from camp

Yes, I just arrived home from "Boy Scout Camp". There is nothing more invigoration than spending a week with someone elses kids. Actually I enjoy spending time with other peoples kids. We live in a remote location, and my son spends very little time with other boys his own age These are pretty good boys, as boys go. In our troop, adult attendence at scouting functions is about 50%. At this function, we were a little low at 35%, with 8 adults, and 23 boys. In two weeks, we will have a camp with 8/17. In our troop adults form a social club of their own, basically it's a sober "Man-Camp". And we are serious about our troop being boy-led. We are only there as guidance. This time around we camped at "Camp Lassen" which is an "in counsel camp", meaning the camp was in our Scouting counsel "Golden Empire Counsel". Next week, we are camping "out of counsel" at "Camp Meriweather", which is a "Gateway Counsel" camp.

Camp Lassen for all it's good points, our troop has not been happy with the "First Class Trail" portion. Which is a series of classes to advance the boys along the basic scouting skills. So we ran our own "First Class Trail". We only got one boy to first class, but we did get a lot of "tenderfoot" scouts to "second class". Somewhere around 40 merit badges were earned too. The food at camp was better than last year, I for one did not lose any weight this year. Although that would have been a good thing, as I tend to run 25 pounds over. But being 6'7", 25 pounds extra gets spread pretty thin over my frame.

My favorite part of Scout Camp, is the "Polar Bear Swim". Which means getting up at 6:30, and hiking (one mile for us) to the lake, where we jump in. Now June in California the weather is usually pretty warm, but the water was not, at 54F. Most swimming activity centered around jumping in the lake for a few minutes, then standing around on the dock warming back up. This year, three of our boys did complete the one mile swim in this water.