The adventures of Phil and Mike

Phil and I have lunch out in town once a week or so. We decided that talking about good lunches we have experienced was almost as enjoyable as the lunches themselves.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Phil and I had lunch at Lieu's Chinese Restaurant in Folsom. The ceilings are really high, and they have nice decor, which makes for a nice atmosphere. The tables and chairs aren't too small, as they usually are in strip mall Chinese restaurants. This is important, as Phil and I are not petite guys. Phil had the Kung Pao something, probably chicken. It looked good to me, and Phil said it was good. I intended to try some of his, but never got around to taking a bite. I ordered mushrooms with beef, this was pretty good, three different kind of mushrooms, and the beef was tender. I'm guessing mushroom types were button, shitake, and oyster. We ordered pot stickers, and had to remind the waitress for them again. They were good pot stickers, not outstanding. The dipping sauce was different, certainly not out of the bottle, well maybe out of the bottle, but they added ginger, and spices. We ordered sodas, and had to ask again for them too. The price was not too bad, considering we added sodas, and pot stickers. I'm kind of a freak about paying more than $10 for lunch. We paid $24 for the two of us including a 20% tip, but considering the extras, that's not too bad. We certainly plan on eating there again, as the atmosphere is good, the food is good, and the service was not bad-bad, just could have been better. Who knows, they could have been short handed, or had some slow-me-down problem that day.

After lunch, we went for a walk, as we often do. People probably think us a gay pair (not that there's anything wrong with that). We visited a Persian rug store called "Folsom Rug Outlet". We had an enjoyable talk with the owner about rugs in general, and the Persian and Navajo rugs we own, no we don't live together, but separately with our own spouses. The owner was explaining that he is stocking more mildly colored rugs, as the traditional brightly colored rugs are not in demand. Folsom customers want neutral colors that don't over-power the furniture. Next, we wandered into a foo-foo woman store, I think it is called "Frizzles". Phil didn't want to go in, as that might be viewed as a not the kind of place for straight guys to visit. This turned out to be a fun store. Phil recognized the owner having been in the Chinese restaurant, and we spoke of the poor service there. She calls in lunch to go, so that she doesn't have to lockup the store too long. But still gets to wait quite a while for pick-up. The books in the girly store were fun. The titles are such as "The bad girls purple book", "How to con your kids", and "Why your cat hates you". And there were some candles formed into a spiral. Definitely a place where you can get in touch with your feminine side. I think my sisters birthday presents are going to come from this place.


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